Lesson 23 – Direct address


Listen and repeat, imitating the word blending, stress, and intonation.



  • want to
  • want


Is the apple red or green?


Read these sentences again with the proper intonation:

  • Do you prefer pop music or classical music?
  • In the winter do you like to skate or ski?
  • Will you have coffee or tea?
  • Have you ever played volleyball or basketball?
  • Is the traffic light red or green?
  • Which came first, the chicken or the egg?


Mark the stress in the following sentences:

  • Will he take you?
  • The light is on the front of the car.
  • Do you want to drink a bottle of water?
  • That big blue car is too expensive for me.
  • Peter walked slowly through the park and thought about his girlfriend.
  • Should these papers be put into that box?
  • When can we come and help you clean your house?
  • Julie is the woman who read stories to us when we were children.
  • Are you going to reply to her?
  • Pronunciation is a difficult subject to learn.
  • Our class is on the sixth floor of the new classroom building.
  • Will you help me clean up the kitchen?

Go back and mark the intonation.

Go back again and mark the word blending.


Direct address

Direct address is when you use someone’s name or title when you are talking to them:

  • Good morning, Sally.
  • Mrs. Furgusen, how are you doing?

When talking to someone, there are different types of intonation that you can use:








The most important one to master is the polite form, that is, low-normal.

Note the intonation in the following sentences.

Good morning, teacher.

It’s so good to see you, my friend.

Mr. Williams, how are you feeling this morning?

Come here this minute, Johnny!

What are we going to eat for breakfast, Mother?

What are we going to eat for breakfast, Mother?


Where do you see the intonation of direct address in the final dialog?



Find five audio clips with the following intonation:

  1. Rising falling intonation
  2. Rising intonation
  3. Non-final intonation (high-normal)
  4. An “or” question
  5. Direct address intonation

Each audio clip should be only one sentence. For each one do the following:

  1. Write the IPA transcription
  2. Mark the stressed words
  3. Mark the word blending
  4. Mark the intonation



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